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Ever wanted to bet risk free on your favourite Rugby match and guarantee yourself a profit? Sounds far fetched but that is exactly what you can do with matched betting and OddsMonkey. There is no gambling involved here as we are placing bets on all sides of an event. For example in a Rugby match we would be on England to win at the bookmaker and England not to win at the exchange. This means no matter what happens we break even on the bet. Even the draw is covered as that means England have not won. But what is the point in that I hear you cry! Well a lot of bets at bookmakers will qualify us for a free bet. This method of backing and laying or matched betting allows us to get the free bets, well, for free.

Once we have done that we can use the free bet to lock in a profit by laying it off again. There is some maths involved but that is where oddsmonkey comes in. Their software does all the calculations for you. All you have to do is select a bet and then place the bet as instructed by the software. It sounds complicated at first but trust me it is really easy. If I can do it then anyone can!

There are other ways to make money from this method and they are all covered at OddsMonkey. Basically you need the know how to get involved. I really can’t recommend this highly enough. The sign up offers are pretty lucrative but after they are done you can keep making money every day with the on going offers bookies give us to keep us betting. It’s a bit of a gold mine at the moment and matched betting is exploding in the UK right now.

I would get involved ASAP before the bookmakers realise what is going on! Not that there is anything illegal about it but they can’t be happy people are getting free bets with no risk.